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Digestive Health: Gas Producing Foods (594)

Digestive Health: Gas Producing Foods (594) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Nutrition


Gas Producing Foods
Artichokes Butternut squash Fennel leaf and bulb Okra
Asparagus Cabbage Kale Pumpkin
Beets Cauliflower Mushrooms Squash
Broccoli Chicory Root/Inulin Onions Sugar snap peas
Brussel sprouts Sweet corn

Beans (ie: black, pinto) Chickpeas Lentils Soy beans
Black eyed peas Green peas Peanut Split peas

Grains – Cereals – Nuts – Seeds:
Almonds Couscous Oat flour Sunflower seeds
Barley Gnocchi Pistachios Wheat bran
Cashews Oat bran Rye Whole wheat flour

Baked beans Granola Pasta dishes Stir fry vegetables
Bean salads Hummus Onion & garlic Soy milk
Breakfast cereals Lentil soup Silken tofu Veggie burgers
Chili Nut butters Split pea soup Whole grain breads

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