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High Calorie, High Protein: Healthy, High Calorie Snacks (549)

High Calorie, High Protein: Healthy, High Calorie Snacks (549) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Nutrition



Healthy, High Calorie Snacks

High calorie does not have to mean unhealthy. Try some of the foods listed below to
increase your calorie intake while still eating a healthy diet.

(1 cup high calorie cereal with 1/2 cup whole milk)
Ezekiel® cereal = 435-475 calories
Post Blueberry Morning® = 250 calories
Frosted Wheat Cereal = 275 calories
Raisin Bran = 275 calories
General Mills Honey Nut Clusters® = 285 calories
Post Banana Nut Crunch® = 315 calories
Kellogg’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran® = 340 calories
Granola = 570 calories
1 packet instant oatmeal made with ½ cup heavy cream = 510 calories

Yoplait® thick and creamy yogurt (any flavor): 6 ounces = 170-190 calories
Stonyfield Farms® organic whole milk yogurt: 6 ounces = 170 - 210 calories
½ cup cheese curds = 220 calories
1 cup 4% fat cottage cheese = 240 calories
Instant pudding made with heavy cream: ½ cup = 300 calories
Smoothie made with 1 carton vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp honey, 1 banana, and ¼ cup
half and half = 360 calories
Flavored milk made with ¾ cup whole milk, ¼ cup cream, and 2 Tbsp chocolate or
strawberry syrup = 415 calories
Milkshake with 1 cup ice cream, ½ cup whole milk, ½ cup fruit = 435 calories (top with
whipped cream and crushed peanuts for an extra 100 calories)

Nuts, Dried Fruit, and Peanut Butter
¼ cup chocolate covered raisins = 190 calories
¼ cup chocolate covered peanuts = 200 calories
Dried fruit: ½ cup = 200 calories
2 Tbsp of nut butter* = 200 calories
1 apple with 2 Tbsp of nut butter* = 270 calories
Celery with 2 Tbsp of nut butter* and 2 Tbsp of raisins = 285 calories
Trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pretzels, chocolate chips – buy or make your own): ½
cup = 350 calories
Sandwich made with 2 slices bread, 1 Tbsp nut butter, and 1 Tbsp Nutella® = 350
Sunflower seeds: ½ cup = 375 calories
Oil roasted mixed nuts: ½ cup = 435 calories

*If allergic to peanut butter, try soy nut butter, sunflower seed butter, almond butter, or
cashew butter. Add to smoothies and shakes to increase calories.


Crackers and Bars
Power Bar® or Clif Bar® = average 220-260 calories
KIND® Bars = 190-210 calories
Lara Bars® = 190-220 calories
15 Tortilla chips with ¼ cup guacamole = 230 calories (add ¼ cup cheese to take calories
up to 350!)
Marathon Protein Bar = 150-290 calories
5 Akmak® crackerswith 2 Tablespoons nut butter = 310 calories
5 Ritz® crackers with 5 cheese squares = about 220 calories
*Eat one of these high calorie snacks at least once a day.

Condiments that Count
Ideas for 50 – 70 calories
Sour cream: 2 Tbsp = 50-60 calories
ξ Put on baked potatoes.
ξ Put on burritos or tacos.
ξ Stir into cream soups.

Hummus: 2 Tbsp = 50 calories
ξ Spread on pita bread
ξ Use as a dip with raw vegetables.

Wheat germ: 2 Tbsp = 50 calories
ξ Sprinkle on yogurt, ice cream, or pudding.
ξ Stir into oatmeal or cream of wheat.
ξ Add to casseroles.

Chia seeds: 1 Tbsp = 60 calories
ξ Sprinkle on yogurt or parfaits.
ξ Stir into oatmeal or cream of wheat.
ξ Add to smoothies.
ξ Add to both sweet and savory baked goods

Flaxseed meal (ground flax seeds) 2 Tbsp = 60 calories
ξ (same uses as chia seeds)

Large black or green olives: 5 olives = 50 calories
ξ Add to salads, tacos, nachos, or pastas.
ξ Layer on sandwiches.

Coconut (shredded): 3 tablespoons = 55 calories
ξ Add to trail mix, homemade granola, cookies, or cakes.
ξ Sprinkle over cereal or oatmeal.
ξ Sprinkle over ice cream or yogurt.

Guacamole or Avocado: 2 tablespoons = 60 calories
ξ Serve with tortilla chips, tacos, or burritos.
ξ Add to salads.
ξ Serve with raw vegetables.


Cheese Dip: 2 tablespoons = 60 calories
ξ Use as a dip for pretzels.
ξ Spread on apples or celery.
ξ Melt over broccoli or cauliflower.

Mayonnaise: 1 tablespoon = 60 calories
ξ Spread on sandwiches and hamburgers.
ξ Add to fruit and vegetable salads.

Honey (not for children under 1 year old): 1 tablespoon = 65 calories
ξ Serve on bagels and toast.
ξ Mix with peanut butter and spread on sandwich
ξ Use as a dip for fruit.
ξ Add to whole milk yogurt with fruit.
ξ Add as sweetener to plain oatmeal.

Scandical®: 2 tablespoon = 70 calories. Tasteless and mixes into anything:
ξ Drinks
ξ Cottage cheese or yogurt
ξ Hot cereals
ξ Casseroles

Ideas for 100-145 Calories
Heavy cream: 2 tablespoons = 100 calories
ξ Add to mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese.
ξ Use in cream soups.
ξ Use to make oatmeal.
ξ Add to eggs.
ξ Add to coffee.
ξ You can even add heavy cream to whole milk.
ξ Use to make a smoothie or milkshake.

Peanut butter or Nutella®: 1 tablespoon = 100 calories
ξ Spread on breads, crackers, apples, bananas, and celery.
ξ Add to smoothies or milkshakes

Cream cheese: 2 Tbsp = 100 calories
ξ Spread on bagels.
ξ Use flavored cream cheese as a dip for fruits.

Butter or margarine: 1 tablespoons = 100 calories
ξ Add to vegetables, mashed potatoes, breads, muffins, pastas, casseroles, hot
cereals, and eggs.
ξ Bake fish in butter.

Nuts or seeds: 2 tablespoons = 100 calories
ξ Add to trail mix, salads, cereal, ice cream, and yogurt.

Vegetable oil (olive, canola, sunflower, etc.): 1 tablespoon = 120 calories
ξ Drizzle over noodles and vegetables.
ξ Use to make scrambled eggs.

Salad dressing: 2 tablespoons = 145 calories
ξ Serve with salads.
ξ Use as a dip for vegetables.
ξ Use as a spread with sandwiches.

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