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Consistency: Thickened Liquids (472)

Consistency: Thickened Liquids (472) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Nutrition


Thickened Liquids

Your doctor and speech pathologist have found that it is safer for you to have liquids thickened before
you drink them. This helps the fluids go through your mouth and throat more slowly. This should
minimize the risk of liquids going into your lungs or causing you to cough.

The nectar and honey thick choices offered at UW Hospital are listed below.
Nectar Thick Choices
Pre-packaged Nectar Thick Kitchen will thicken on request
ξ Apple juice
ξ Orange juice
ξ Cranberry juice
ξ 2% milk
ξ Water
ξ Novasource Renal® Nutrition
ξ Boost Compact® Nutrition
ξ Magic Cup® (chocolate,
vanilla, orange, wild berry)
ξ Prosource® Gelatein Plus
ξ Lactaid® milk
ξ Diet lemonade
ξ Grape juice
ξ Iced tea (regular or decaf)
ξ Coffee (decaf)
ξ Hot cocoa

Honey Thick Choices
Pre-packaged Honey Thick Kitchen will thicken on request
ξ Apple juice
ξ Orange juice
ξ Cranberry juice
ξ 2% milk
ξ Water
ξ Magic Cup® (chocolate,
vanilla, orange, wild berry)
ξ Prosource® Gelatein Plus
ξ Lactaid® milk
ξ Lemonade
ξ Grape juice
ξ Iced tea (regular or decaf)Coffee
ξ Hot cocoa

Some thin liquids are safe on thickened liquid diets if they are properly thickened.
Safe IF Properly Thickened
ξ Soda ξ Fruit juice ξ Coffee ξ Vegetable juice
ξ Milk ξ Water ξ Broth ξ Lemonade
ξ Tea (hot or cold) ξ Nutrition supplements like
Boost® or Ensure®
ξ Soups
Some thin liquids cannot be thickened safely and should be avoided on thickened liquid diets.
NOT Safe on Thickened Liquid Diets
ξ Gelatin ξ Popsicles ξ Milkshakes ξ Italian ice
ξ Jell-O® ξ Sherbet/sorbet ξ Malts ξ Ice cream
ξ Frozen Yogurt ξ Hard candy ξ ξ Fruit smoothies

Basic Tips for Thickening Liquids

ξ Do not eat anything that melts.
ξ Do not add ice cubes to thickened liquids.
ξ You may need to avoid juicy foods like watermelon, apples or oranges.
ξ Drain the juice off of canned fruit.
ξ You can buy commercial thickeners at the drug store or order online.
ξ You can buy pre-thickened juices and milk.
ξ Your Speech Pathologist can work with you on the correct way to thicken your liquids.
ξ Dairy products, like milk, take longer to thicken.
ξ Hot drinks that have been thickened tend to become thicker as they cool.
ξ If you mix a drink in advance and let it sit for a long period of time it will continue to thicken.
ξ Soups may be pureed in a blender or strained to remove chunks or lumps then thickened with
flour, cornstarch, potato flakes, or commercial thickeners to appropriate consistency.

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If you have more questions please contact UW Health at one of the phone number listed below. You
can also visit our website at www.uwhealth.org/nutrition

Nutrition clinics for UW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and American Family Children’s
Hospital (AFCH) can be reached at: (608) 890-5500.

Nutrition clinics for UW Medical Foundation (UWMF) can be reached at: (608) 287-2770.

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