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Intake and Output (7991)

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Intake & Output
What is it?
Intake & output measures the water in your body.
ξ Intake is the liquid you drink, soft food you eat, IV fluids and tube feedings
ξ Output is body fluid; urine, liquid stool, vomit and fluid from tubes and drains
Why is fluid balance important?
Our body works best when the fluids are in balance. The amount of fluid in our body
ξ Weight
ξ How much medicine you need
ξ Healing
ξ Days in the hospital
How to monitor intake and output?
ξ We measure what you drink and eat
ξ We measure the fluids from your body
ξ Daily weight
How can you help?
ξ Use the ‘hat’ in your toilet to catch urine and liquid stool.
ξ Staff will empty, measure, and record the output.
ξ Please ask guests to use the public bathroom.
ξ Save food trays and drink containers. Staff will record your intake.

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