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Performance Day in Rehab (7631)

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Performance Day in Rehab

What is performance day?
Performance day is a 24 hour period of time,
before you leave the Rehab unit. On this day
we ask you to do as many of your own cares
as you are able, to show what you have
learned during your stay.

When is performance day?
Performance day is set as soon as your
discharge date is known, usually the day
before discharge. You will be asked to wear
a sticker so all team members know this is
your special day.

What can I expect on performance
During performance day the staff will ask
you to do as much as you can to the best of
your abilities, using the new strategies you
have learned. The therapists and nursing
staff will encourage you to do as much as
you can on your own, assisting when
• You will be evaluated by
occupational therapy, physical
therapy, speech therapy, and nursing.
ξ You will be asked to bathe with the
occupational therapist or nursing
staff. Bathing may take place the
morning of your performance day or
the night before.
ξ You will be asked to complete as
many of your daily grooming and
dressing tasks as independently as
you can.
ξ Physical therapy will ask you to
transfer, walk, climb stairs, or use
your wheelchair.
ξ Speech therapy may be repeating
some tests to check your memory
and thinking skills. The nursing staff
will ask that you complete as much
of your care as possible.

What if I do not perform well on
performance day?
We understand that how you complete the
tasks may vary because of illness or fatigue.
All we ask is that you do the best you can on
performance day. How you do on
performance day will not change your
discharge date.

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