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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) (5474)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) (5474) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Neuro, Rehab


Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Your doctor has sent you to Physical Therapy for a Functional Capacity Evaluation
(FCE). This is a series of tests to find out what you are physically able to do.
Your doctor uses it to explain your current abilities. It is most often done after a
work injury has healed. The FCE provides information about your overall
abilities. These tests focus on overall body function not only the injured body part.

How is the FCE done?

A therapist does the testing in one day. It takes about 6 hours. An interview and
exam take place before the testing starts.

You will be asked to do many activities such as walking, lifting, carrying, pushing,
pulling, kneeling, stair/ladder climbing, and hand/finger movements. At the end,
the physical therapist will talk over the results with you.

A written report is sent to your doctor. The doctor reviews the written report and
makes the final assessment. Then, it is sent to the payer source and any other
parties that you request.

How are the results used?

The results of the FCE can be compared to the needs of your job. This will help
provide your doctor with the information listed.

ξ Is it safe to return to work.
ξ What you will be able to do without problems.
ξ Explain any job restrictions.
ξ Disability determinations.

How to schedule

Contact Physical Therapy at UW Health Rehabilitation Clinic inside Princeton
Club East, 1726 Eagan Road, Suite 100. (608) 265-1221. ***(The PCE clinic is
moving to TAC. After 8/14/15, this program (FCE) is moving to UW Health
Research Park, 621 Science Drive. (608) 265- 3341. (At that time the contact will
change to Elizabeth Wahl, PT) Be sure to have the information listed below when
you call.

ξ The written referral from your doctor (if your doctor didn’t send it to us.)
ξ Worker’s compensation carrier or other insurance company name or
payer, address, phone number, contact person and claim number.
ξ Nurse case manager name and phone number (if you have a case
ξ Name and phone number of your employer at the time of the injury
ξ Date of the injury

There are cases when you may be asked to sign a financial responsibility form for
the FCE. Note: HMO’s do not cover FCEs (Wisconsin insurance law).

What do I need to do for the FCE?

Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. We need to watch how your muscles
work, so a tank top and shorts are best. Arrive on time for your test. Contact your
employer, get a written description of job duties, and send to clinic. Be sure to
bring a list of any medicines you are now taking. Also bring the names and
addresses of those who will need a copy of the report.

If you have more questions, please call (608) 265-1221
*after 8/14/15, call (608) 265-3341 for more information.

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