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High Fall Risk (7744)

High Fall Risk (7744) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Miscellaneous


High Fall Risk

Your healthcare team has decided that you are at a high risk for falling while you are in the
hospital. When a patient is a high fall risk at UWHC we will do the following:
ξ Yellow leaf outside of your room
ξ Give you a yellow high fall risk wrist band
ξ A staff member will always stay with you in the bathroom
ξ Do many safety checks in addition to hourly rounding
ξ Review your medicines with the health care team
ξ Teach you and your family about fall and injury risk and talk about a safety plan

We may add one or more of the following:
ξ Yellow slipper socks
ξ Early warning alarms such as a chair alarm, bed pad, seat belt, or personal tag alarm
ξ Bed alarm
ξ Low bed
ξ Floor mats
ξ Helping devices such as a gait belt, walker, or cane
ξ Occupational and physical therapy consults
ξ Early and regular walking
ξ Toileting schedule
ξ Elevated toilet seat
ξ Move you closer to the nurse’s station or have a personal safety attendant at your bedside


Your health care team may have given you this information as part of your care. If so, please use it and call if you
have any questions. If this information was not given to you as part of your care, please check with your doctor. This
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