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Guest Services at UW Hospital and Clinics (7665)

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Guest Services at UW Hospital and Clinics

Our Guest Services staff is here to help you.
For help, please look for guest services
ambassadors wearing red shirts or jackets.
You can also stop by the Information Desks,
just inside the Hospital and Clinics
Entrance, or contact us at (608) 263-8591.

Hospital Information Desk
Our Guest Services staff is based at the
Hospital Information Desk, on the second
floor just inside the hospital entrance.
Please stop by from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Monday through Friday, and 7:30 a.m.
through 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
You can also contact us at (608) 263-8591.

We can help you with:
ξ Patient housing information and
reservations. You will receive a
discounted rate only if you reserve a
room through our staff.
ξ Maps of the city and state
ξ Park information, RV parking, and
campground options
ξ Courtesy phone for local calls
Hotel Reservations
UW Hospital and Clinics has arranged great
rates at the Best Western Plus InnTowner
Madison. This hotel is only two blocks
away with shuttle service to and from the
hospital and the local airport. Our staff can
also help you find a room within minutes at
other Madison hotels. You can get special
rates at these hotels when you reserve a
room through Guest Services.

Please call (608) 263-0315 and we can
arrange your room within minutes.
Parking and Valet Information
ξ For Clinic and Outpatient Surgery
Patients who come for appointments
should park in the Patient and Visitor
parking ramp in front of the hospital,
off Highland Ave., and enter through
the Clinics Entrance. Please bring
your parking ticket to the
Information Desk to get it validated.
ξ For Inpatients
Each admitted patient receives one
visitor parking pass. Other visitors
are required to pay for parking. To
get a primary visitor parking pass,
please go to one of the Information
Desks, located on the 2nd Floor. The
pass is will work on the date of
admission and will be valid until the
date printed on the pass. If the pass
expires or is lost, please see staff at
one of the Information Desks. The
original pass will no longer work
once a renewal or replacement pass
is issued.
ξ Valet Parking for Patients
For patients and families who need
special help, we offer free valet
parking service. Valet is open
Monday-Friday, 5:30 am – 7 pm.
After 7 pm, you can pick up your
valet keys from the Security Office,
near the Hospital Entrance, on the
second floor. We also have handicap
drop-off and pick-up.

ξ Visitor Parking and Ramp Fees
Visitors can park in the Patient and
Visitor parking ramp in front of the
hospital, off Highland Ave at hourly
and daily rates.
Visiting Hours
Because you need rest in order to heal and
recover, the visiting hours are 8 am – 9 pm
for most units. Some patient care areas may
have other restrictions.

You may have a small number of “primary
support” people who will be able to visit at
any time during your hospital stay. In most
cases, this means 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Your family and friends are welcome
to visit often. Visits should not be denied on
the basis of race, creed, color, national
origin, ancestry, religion, gender, gender
identity or expression, sexual orientation,
marital status, age or handicap.
Children are welcome to visit patients.
Adults who bring children will need to
supervise them. To help ensure that our
patients are not exposed to contagious
diseases, children or adults recently exposed
to illnesses such as chicken pox and measles
should not visit.
When visitors arrive, they should check at
the information desk or nursing unit to learn
if any restrictions apply to the patient they
wish to visit. This is very important if you
wish to visit a patient in the intensive care
units (ICUs) or burn unit.
Wi-Fi and Business Center
You can access free Wi-Fi all throughout the
hospital. Please select “Free WiFi UW
Health” in your “view available wireless
networks” list. A Business Center, in the
Surgical Waiting Area on the 2nd floor,
offers free use of computers.
The Flad Family Chapel is open
to everyone from University
Hospital and AFCH. You can use
it for meditation, private prayer,
or worship. You can find the Flad Family
Chapel in the American Family Children's
Hospital room 1339. The chapel provides a
calming space for both adult and pediatric
family members. If you would like a
chaplain to see you please call the Spiritual
Care office at (608) 263-8574.
Gift Shops
Our gift shops sell greeting cards,
balloons, fresh-cut flowers and
plants, gift items, jewelry, games
and more, for yourself or your loved
one. The gift shops are on the 2nd floor of
University Hospital and the main floor of
American Family Children’s Hospital. Visit
uwhealth.org/eflowers to browse and order
gifts online. Latex balloons are not allowed
in UWHC. Visitors who bring in latex
balloons will be informed about the UWHC
latex allergy policy and will be asked to take
the latex balloons back to their cars. Visitors
may bring mylar balloons into the hospital.

Services for Patients
If you cannot leave your room but need
items from the Gift Shop, call
(608) 263-6472. We can help you.

Food and Drinks
We are pleased to offer fresh, flavorful,
unprocessed and local foods to support good

Because sugar-sweetened drinks – such as
regular soda – contain added sugars and
empty calories, they are not sold at UW
Health. You are welcome to bring your own
drinks to the hospital.

Four Lakes Cafeteria
The cafeteria is on the 1st floor, just off the
H elevators. Open Monday-Friday, 6 am – 7
pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 6:30 am
– 6:30 pm. Our menus are designed to
appeal to many tastes and appetites.
ξ Soup and Salad Bar: Aquaponics
lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, ancient
grains, fresh fruit and vegetarian
ξ The Grill: Made-to-order breakfast,
lunch and dinner options
ξ Around the World: Ethnic cuisine
ξ Waubesa Wok: Asian cuisine
ξ 500-Calorie Station: Health meals
for calorie-conscious eaters
ξ Comfort Station: Wisconsin favorites
ξ Cold Drinks and Grab and Go:
Sparkling and vitamin waters, milk,
teas, diet sodas, sandwiches and
ξ Gluten-Free Station: Foods without
added gluten
ξ Condiments: House-made dressings
and sauces

Mendota Market, an Onsite Convenience
The Mendota Market is the hospital’s
convenience store, on the 1st floor near the
cafeteria. You can purchase groceries and
convenience store items. You can also get
prepared food from the deli counter,
speciality teas and Starbucks, Barriques, and
Cadence Cold Brew coffee. It is open
Monday-Friday, 24 hours a day. Saturdays,
midnight-3 pm and 6:30 pm – midnight.
Sundays and holidays, midnight – 6:30 am
and 6:30 pm – midnight.

Atrium Café
The Atrium Café, located on the 3rd floor
near the D elevator lobby. It is open
Monday-Friday, 6:30 am – 7 pm and offers
drinks, soups, sandwiches, pizza, snacks and

Coffee Corner
Coffee Corner, located on the 2nd floor in
Towne Square, features fine coffees, cold
drinks and light snacks. Coffee Corner is
open Monday-Friday, 7am – 6pm.

Room Service for Patients and Guests
Food and drinks can help you heal from
illness or injury. You can order room
service, 6:30 am – 8 pm. To place your
order, call 265-0202 from your room phone.
Your meal will be prepared and brought to
your room within an hour. You can also
have your meal brought at a certain time,
around any scheduled treatments or

Family and friends can also order room
service. Each meal is $8 and includes one
main course, two side orders, drink and
dessert/fruit. We accept cash and credit

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