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What Is Stress and How Can I Relieve It? (6585)

What Is Stress and How Can I Relieve It? (6585) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Miscellaneous


What Is Stress and How Can I Relieve It?

Stress is an experience. It produces physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It happens a lot
with changes in our lives, both the ups and the downs. It is a way for our body, mind, and spirit
to let us know when we are out of balance.

How do I know I am feeling stress?

Physical Symptoms
 Fast breathing or heartbeat
 Dry mouth
 Headaches
 Backaches
 Stomachaches
 Teeth grinding
 Feeling tired
 Sweaty palms
 Heartburn
 Foot tapping
 Tight muscles
 Overeating
 Problems sleeping
 Other________________________

These are some of the common feelings
related to stress.
 Depressed
 Anxious
 Crabby
 Impatience
 Lonely
 Tired
 Bored
 Other________________________

What can I do to relieve stress?

Have fun
 See a funny movie
 Go to a comedy club
 Shop until you drop
 Listen to music outdoors
 Go to the library
 Play a game
 Work on a jigsaw puzzle

Get some exercise
 Bowling
 Roller-blade
 Swim or splash in the water
 Walking
 Running
 Biking
 Skiing
 Canoeing

Try something new
 Begin a new hobby or craft
 Join a club or group
 Start a journal

Express yourself creatively
 Sing or whistle a song
 Play an instrument
 Draw or paint a picture
 Write a poem
 Color
 Try a new recipe or make an old
 Plant flowers
 Garden

Make a gratitude list

 ________________________
 ________________________
 ________________________
 ________________________

Take care of yourself
 Take a hot scented bath
 Sip a hot drink
 Nap
 Watch a sunrise or sunset
 Lie back and watch the clouds
Take quiet time to
 Blow bubbles, sit quietly and bring
your awareness to your breath.
Breathe in to the count of 3, and out
to the count of 3.
 Meditate by lighting a candle and
watching the flame.
 Go out and be in nature. Take a
walk in the woods. Sit next to a
stream and daydream.
 Imagine taking your dream vacation.
 Take a drive in the country.
 Listen to your favorite music or
relaxation tape.
 Light a candle

Reach out to others
 Call, or write a letter, or email to a
 Catch up with a family member

Time management
 Make a list and pick the top 5 to do
 Clean out a closet or a drawer
 Finish something

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