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Supine Exercise Program (6012)

Supine Exercise Program (6012) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Miscellaneous


Supine Exercise Program

Patient Name_________________
Date ________________________
Therapist Name _______________

1. Gluteal Sets
Squeeze buttocks together.
Hold ____ seconds.
Repeat ____ times.

2. Knee Extension – Quad Sets
Lie on back, press __________
knee into mat, tightening muscle
on front of thigh. Do not hold
your breath.
Hold _____ counts.
Repeat _____ times.

3. Heel Slides – Knee and Hip Flexion
Lie on back. Slide heel up
toward buttocks. Repeat
_____ times for each leg.

4. Hip Abduction (Snow Angels)
Lie on back with Knees straight.
Move feet apart and together.
Repeat ____ times.

5. Straight Leg Raise
Lie on back with 1 knee bent. Lift
other leg. Keep knee straight.
Repeat _____ times each leg.

6. Lower Trunk Rotation
Lie on back with knees bent.
Roll knees from side to side.
Repeat _____ times.

7. Bridging
Lie on back with knees bent.
Lift bottom up.
Repeat _____ times.

8. Ankle Circles
Move feet around in a circle.
Repeat _____ times.

9. Heel Cord Stretch
Use cane, belt or assistant’s
arm to stretch toes upward.
Do slowly by counting
to ________ .
Repeat _____ times.

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