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Acidophilus Combination Products (5820)

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Acidophilus Combination Products
FLORAjen 3 , FLORAjen Bifido Blend , Culturelle KCI

What are acidophilus combination

They are natural products that can be bought
over-the-counter and may be used to help:

 With the side effects of antibiotics.
Antibiotics may decrease the number of
good and helpful bacteria in your body
and cause diarrhea.
 If you have infection with Clostridium
difficile. C. difficile can cause problems
for you when the good bacteria, which
keep it in check, are destroyed by
antibiotics and it takes over.
 If you have constipation or colitis.
 If you have gas after eating.
 If you are traveling to another country
where the food and water may be

These products contain the same good
bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus that are
found in many yogurts and cheeses. They
also contain Bifidobacterium bifidum strain
B6-12 and Bifidobacterium longum. These
products are dairy-free, made with sugar-
free rice compounds. These products differ
in concentration or organisms from the
100% Lactobacillus acidophilus products.

How are combination products used?

These products should be taken on an empty
stomach. Take one capsule with water or
juice every day. If you take it with food, it
may not work as well. If you find that you
are not getting better, you may increase the
number of capsules to 2-3 per day. You
may see improvement within 2-4 days or it
may take 2-4 weeks for you to feel better. If
you do not get better after 4 weeks, these
products may not work for you.

For children between 12 weeks and 5 years
old, sprinkle ½ capsule onto food or mix
with a drink each day. These products are
not recommended for infants less than 12
weeks old.

How are combination products stored?

Store these products in the refrigerator. If
you are traveling, it may be kept at room
temperature for up to two weeks.

Side Effects

ξ Gas or burping
ξ Diarrhea
ξ Hiccups
ξ Vomiting
ξ Constipation

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