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Step by Step of How to Deliver the M-Technique (7983)

Step by Step of How to Deliver the M-Technique (7983) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Integrative Health


Step by step of how to deliver the M-Technique

Apply lotion to whole arm with three stroking movements. Start at the wrist and go up the arm.

1. Holding one hand between your two hands use your thumbs to smooth out back of hand
in 2-5 straight horizontal movements depending on the size of the hand. Work your way
from the wrist to the knuckles. Repeat three times

2. Using thumb hold work your way down the little finger. Use a smooth downward stroke
on the bone and then circle the first joint three times. Keep your other fingers underneath
to support the finger. Use one small smooth stroke to the next knuckle and then circle it
three times. Use a smooth stroke to the third knuckle and then circle around it three

3. As you reach the end of each finger, hold the finger between your second and third finger
(like a pair of scissors) and then press lightly at the tip (pressure=3). Avoid using your
nails. Then stroke down the finger.

4. Repeat steps three and four for each finger and then change hold to do thumb.

5. When you have completed the back of the hand then turn the hand over.

6. Link your fingers through the patient’s little and fourth fingers so their hand is upturned
and upside down between your two upturned palms. Using your thumbs only stretch out
the palm of the hand using horizontal strokes from the wrist to the knuckles. Repeat
three times.

7. When you have finished the third sequence, allow one hand to drop away and slide the
other hand into a handshake hold.

8. Using one hand in the handshake hold, use your other hand to stroke the lower arm using
three flowing movements.

9. Repeat sequence for the other hand.


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