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GoLYTELY Full Bowel Prep – Urology - 1 or 2 day (5926)

GoLYTELY Full Bowel Prep – Urology - 1 or 2 day (5926) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Genitourinary


GoLYTELY Full Bowel Prep – Urology
1 or 2 Day

To prepare for surgery, you will follow a clear liquid diet and empty your bowels
before surgery. Please follow these steps closely. Your nurse will review them
with you.

Your Diet before Surgery- Check one

 Start a clear liquid diet 2 days before surgery. You may eat a light breakfast,
and then you will not eat any solid food before your surgery. You will drink
only clear liquids for the two days before your surgery. There is no limit to the
amount you may drink.

 Start clear liquids 1 day before surgery. You may eat a light breakfast. After
breakfast you will not eat any solid food before your surgery. You will drink
only clear liquids for rest of the day before surgery. There is no limit to the
amount you may drink.

Clear liquids

▪ Water
▪ Clear Jell-O , must be made at
home from a powder, not pre-
made, no fruit/whipped cream in
▪ Popsicles
▪ Sparkling water or soda
▪ Clear broth or bouillon
▪ Tea or coffee (no creamer); sugar
or sugar substitute is OK.

▪ Juice without pulp, you may have
apple, grape or cranberry juice (not
tomato, orange, grapefruit or
prune juice)
▪ Gatorade or other sport-type drink
▪ Resource
▪ Hard candy
▪ No alcoholic drinks
▪ No dairy products of any kind
such as cheese, milk, soy milk,
pudding, ice cream, yogurt,
cream soup

Check one

___ Drink 4 liters of GoLYTELY for your prep the day before surgery.
___ Drink 6 liters of GoLYTELY for your prep the day before surgery

Mix up GoLYTELY and store in the refrigerator the evening before you drink it.


Read and follow the directions on the bottle. Do not add other liquids or flavors.
We caution you from adding any flavor to the entire jug. If you do not like the
flavor there is little that can be done to remedy this. Do not add ice.

How to Make the GoLYTELY or NuLYTELY Easier to Drink

ξ You may want to add Crystal Light powder with NutraSweet to each glass.
Some people say it is easier to drink when it is chilled. Do not add ice. It is
normal to have body chilling when drinking a cold liquid quickly. You may
want to wear warm clothing while drinking it cold or you may prefer to drink it
at room temperature.
ξ You may find it easier to drink the GoLYTELY through a straw.

Other Helpful Hints

ξ You can chew gum or hard candy between each glass of GoLYTELY .
ξ For rectal soreness – after having a bowel movement, clean yourself with baby
wipes. Apply ointment such as A&D or Vaseline .
ξ A blanket warmed in the dryer will help with your chills.

Bowel Prep Schedule
1 day before surgery Clear Liquids Only
11:30 am Take 1st tablet metoclopramide (Reglan ) 10mg.
12:00 noon Start drinking 4 or 6 liters GoLytely
8 ounces every 10 minutes.
About 3:00 pm (1 hour after
finishing GoLYTELY
Take 2nd tablet metoclopramide (Reglan ) 10 mg
Take Erythromycin 1 gram, 1st dose
Take Neomycin 1 gram, 1st dose
About 5:00 pm (2 hours after
finishing GoLYTELY
Take Erythromycin 1 gram, 2nd dose
Take Neomycin 1 gram, 2nd dose

Evening Drink 1 liter Gatorade or other sport-type drink.
10:00 pm Take Erythromycin 1 gram, 3rd dose
Take Neomycin 1 gram, 3rd dose
Before bed Shower with Hibiclens or other antibacterial soap
No food or drink after midnight
Day of surgery Shower with Hibiclens or other antibacterial soap.

About one hour after you start drinking the GoLYTELY , you will begin to have
liquid stools. You will want to stay close to a bathroom. You may also feel some
chills, nausea, and cramps in your lower abdomen. This is normal. Keep
drinking the solution until it is all gone.

When you have finished the GoLYTELY you may continue to drink clear liquids
until midnight. There is no limit on the amount.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.

When to call your Doctor

If you have severe, steady stomach pain, are light-headed or dizzy; you do not
expel the solution, or are unable to drink the prep.

Phone Numbers

UW Health Urology 608-263-4757
UW Health at The American Center Urology 608-440-6464
UW Health One South Park Urology 608-287-2900

After Hours, Nights, Weekends, and Holidays, the clinic number is answered by the paging
operator. Ask for the Urology Doctor on call. Leave your name and phone number with the area
code. The doctor will call you back.

Toll Free: 1-844-607-4800

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