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Waiting for an Emergency Department Patient during Surgery (6680)

Waiting for an Emergency Department Patient during Surgery (6680) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Emergency


Waiting for an Emergency Department Patient during Surgery

Your family member or friend is going to the
operating room from the Emergency
Department (ED). For your comfort and to
ensure the surgeon will be able to talk to you
during or after surgery, you will wait in the
Surgical Waiting Area.

Where is the waiting room?
It is on the same floor as the ED. Travel from
the ED to the atrium of the hospital by
walking through the ED waiting room. A staff
member will either escort you or direct you this
way. There is a clearly marked path on the floor
with the words “Atrium Way.” Once in the clinic
lobby, called “Towne Square,” begin walking on
“Main Street” toward the “D” lobby. There are
many signs above doorways and on the walls to
direct you. Once you have passed through the “D”
lobby, you will see the Surgical Waiting Area on
your left.

Who needs to be in the waiting room?
There must be at least one family member in the
waiting room at all times. This is the only place
that the surgeon will look for you. The surgeon
must be able to contact you with changes that may
occur during surgery, obtain consent if more
surgery is needed, and also talk with you once it is
done. Monday through Friday, between 7am and
6pm, there will be a staff member assigned to the
waiting room. He or she will give you a pager so
that we can reach you if you need to leave the
waiting room. After hours, the waiting area is not
staffed, but there is a phone on the desk. Staff
from the Operating Room may need to reach you.
Please answer the phone if it rings.

Where can I get food and drinks?
Next to the waiting area, in the “B” lobby, you
will find vending machines for drinks, ice
cream, and other snacks.

How do I get to my family member or
friend’s room after the surgeon has talked
to us?
If the Operating Room staff is not able to take
you to the patient’s room, please check in at
the Security Office. They will be happy to
help you. To get to the Security Office, walk
down “Main Street,” through the “D” lobby.
Stay to the right. The Security Office is just
past the Gift Shop and can be reached at

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