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Kids Mist Atomizer Spray Bottle for Children (7940)

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Kids Mist™ Atomizer Spray Bottle for Children

The Kids Mist™ atomizer spray bottle
makes spraying your nose easy and
convenient. Simply fill the bottle with nasal
saline and then spray into your nose. Fine
mist droplets gently moisten and flush the
lining of the nose.
Important: If more than one family
member needs to use nasal saline, each
person should use his or her own Atomizer
bottle. This will prevent spreading of
bacteria or viruses between family members.
Instructions for Use:
ξ Unscrew pump from bottle and fill
with nasal saline solutions (see
below) then thread hand pump tight
onto bottle.
ξ Spray 3 times into the air to flush out
the tip and “prime” the pump.
ξ Gently blow child’s nose to clear out
mucus before spraying with nasal
ξ Place Atomizer tip in the nose. Hold
spray tip in position with one hand.
Wrap other hand around bottle and
place thumb on top of the pump.
ξ Shape Atomizer tubing like a hockey
stick to point upward. Place tip in
nose. Press down on pump and
spray 3-4 times in each nostril and
gently blow the nose.

ξ Repeat nasal saline spray as often as
needed to clear nasal mucus.

Nasal Saline Solution
What types of water are safe to use in
nasal rinsing devices:
ξ Distilled or sterile water, which you
can buy in stores.
ξ Boiled and cooled tap water – boiled
for 3-5 minutes, then cooled to
ξ Water passed through a filter with an
absolute pore size of 1 micron or
smaller, which traps potentially
infectious organisms.

ξ The Center for Disease Control has
information on selecting these filters,
which you can buy from some stores
or online. Website: www.cdc.gov
Instructions to mix solution
ξ Mix one packet of SinuCleanse® dry
powder to ½ cup water. Store nasal
saline in an airtight container.
ξ Once the saline solution is mixed, it
should only be used for up to 7 days,
then should be thrown away.
ξ Important: Be sure to mark the date
the solution will expire on the
container to avoid bacterial
Cleaning the Atomizer
ξ Wipe off tip with clean tissue or
rinse with soapy water.
ξ Store bottle and tip in a clean place.
Clean device one a week
ξ Remove tip from pump and unscrew
pump from bottle. Pour out any

ξ leftover solution. Wash in hot soapy
water. Rinse with clean water. Do
not place in dishwasher.
ξ Fill bottle with vinegar solution (see
recipe below) and pump 10 times.
Soak outside of devise in vinegar
solution for 20 minutes, then take
apart bottle, dump out vinegar and
air dry.
Vinegar Recipe for Cleaning the Device
1. Place 1 – ½ cups of boiling tap water
or distilled water into a clean glass
2. Add ½ cup of white wine vinegar.
3. Allow liquid to cool before cleaning
the device.
4. Discard after use and make a new
batch when it is time to clean again.
If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact the Pediatric
Otolaryngology Clinic and ask to speak
with one of the nursing staff Pediatric
Otolaryngology Clinic Phone Number:
(608) 265-7760.

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