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Home Care after ENT Surgery (7701)

Home Care after ENT Surgery (7701) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Ear Nose and Throat


Home Care after ENT Surgery

ξ Keep your head raised 30 degrees
when you are lying down; use 2-3
ξ Do not sleep on the side of your
ξ Avoid strenuous activity for 1-2
weeks; no jogging, exercise classes,
swimming, contact sports. Your
doctor will give you more
instructions if needed.
ξ Avoid bending, so your head is
lower than your heart, for 2 weeks.
ξ No lifting more than 25 pounds.
ξ You may return to work in 1-2
weeks; it will depend on the type of
work that you do.
ξ Do not drink through a straw if you
have had nose or ear surgery.
ξ Do not drive or drink alcohol while
you are taking narcotic pain

ξ Your diet will go from clear liquids
only to more solid foods as your
swallowing gets better. Go slowly.

Incision Care
ξ Before you leave the hospital you
will be told how to care for any
ξ 24 hours after surgery or any drains
are removed you should be able to
shower and gently wash your
incision with soap and water.
ξ Watch your incision for any signs of
o Redness
o Tenderness
o Swelling
o Pus-like drainage
o Warmth at the incision site
o Temperature of 101 degrees
or higher on 2 checks 4 hours

Other helpful hints
ξ Do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or
other blood thinning products for the
week after your surgery, unless
ordered by your doctor.
ξ If you have areas of numbness, do
not use a heating pad or ice pack and
be careful when using a razor or hair
ξ No air travel until cleared by your

When to call the Doctor or clinic nurse
ξ Bleeding that soaks through 5-6
gauze dressings in less than 1 hour
ξ Any signs of infection
ξ Pain not relieved by pain medicine
ξ Increased swelling of the head or
neck area
ξ Trouble breathing; Call 911 or go to
the nearest Emergency Room
ξ Any changes in facial movement;
facial droop on one side that wasn’t
present after surgery or is getting

Who Do I Call?
If you have questions or problems once you
are home, please call the ENT clinic at
(608) 263-6190, weekdays from 8:00-5:00
the clinic RN will return your call.

After hours and weekends, the paging
operator answers the clinic number. Ask for
the ENT resident on call. The resident will
return your call.

Our toll free number is 1-800-323-8942

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