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Arnica Montana (7080)

Arnica Montana (7080) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Ear Nose and Throat


Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana may be used to decrease the
amount of your bruising. The length of time
it will last may also be less. The medicine
is available in gel, liquid, or pill. Please buy
the pill form only. It also comes in many
dosages. Please take the medication by
mouth as follows:

 Take the 30x form four times a day until
all bruising resolves. If the pill comes in
a 6x or 15x form, take the pills to total

 If the 6x, 15x or 30x forms are not
available, but other pill forms are, follow
the directions on the label.

 Begin taking this medicine 3 days after
surgery and not before. If you have any
questions about this please call the ENT
Clinic at (608) 263-6190.

Here is a list of vendors. Please use the one most convenient for you.

Community Pharmacy: 341 State Street (608) 251-3242

General Nutrition Center 6690 Odana Road (608) 827-9664
3000 Cahill Main, Fitchburg (608) 298-0793
East Towne Mall (608) 249-1700
West Towne Mall (608) 833-1900
6514 Monona Drive (608) 223-8950

Quintessence 334 W Lakeside St (608) 251-6915

Whole Foods Market 3313 University Avenue (608) 233-9566

Williamson Street Co-op 1202 Williamson Street (608) 251-6776

Madison Health Food Store only has the gel form.

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