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Breath Hydrogen Testing (6636)

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Breath Hydrogen Testing

Appointment Date & Time: __________________________________

Your doctor has asked that you be tested for the sugar circled below.

Lactose Sucrose Fructose Glucose

Why am I having this test?

A Breath Hydrogen Test will help your doctor decide whether or not your body is able to absorb
the sugar circled above. Only one sugar can be tested at a time. If you are doing this test for
more than one sugar you must allow at least 48 hours between each test.

How do I get ready for this test?
1. Do not eat or drink anything except water for 12 hours before the test. This also means
you can not have any regular or sugar free chewing gum or breath mints. Avoid foods that
produce gas (such as beans) the day before the test.
2. Do not smoke, sleep or exercise for at least one half hour before or during the test.
3. Please arrive 15 minutes before the test to allow time to register and check in at the clinic.
The test will take two to three hours.
4. If you are on an antibiotic this test should be scheduled at least two weeks following the
completion of your prescription.

How does this test work?
1. The sugar your doctor is testing you for is dissolved in 8 ounces of water which you will
drink after a baseline breath sample is collected.
2. You will be asked to blow into a small collection bag. This will be your baseline breath
sample. A breath sample is collected at the start of the test and then every thirty minutes
during the test.
3. The breath sample obtained is put into a machine and analyzed for hydrogen. Baseline
hydrogen should be low. If your body is unable to absorb the sugar you are being tested for
hydrogen is produced and an increase of it will be found in your exhaled breath.
4. Bring something to read or do between sample collection times.

The staff from the Pulmonary Function Lab will give you this test. If you have questions about
this test or need to reschedule please feel free to contact the Pulmonary Function Lab at
(608) 263-7000 between the hours of 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

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