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Safe Sharps Disposal at Home (4587)

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Safe Sharps Disposal at Home

Sharps waste cannot be thrown away with your trash or recycling. To prevent injury and illness
to yourself and others, use the guidelines below for getting rid of sharps waste in your home.

Examples of Sharp Waste
ξ Needles
ξ Lancets
ξ Syringes
ξ Any other sharp objects

What to do with Sharp Wastes

ξ Obtain or purchase a "Sharps Box” from your
pharmacy, hospital, clinic or health department.

ξ You may also use a hard plastic liquid laundry
soap or bleach bottle with a screw on lid. If you
choose this option, you will need to get a biohazard
sticker. If that is not an option, write “Sharps” on
the bottle so others know there are sharps wastes

ξ Always keep sharps containers out of the reach of
children and pets.

ξ When the container is 3/4 full, tightly close the lid.

ξ Take it to your local pharmacy, doctor’s office, or to the UW Hospital and Clinics lab.

There are other sharps disposal sites in local towns and states. For this and other rules, look
online at http://www.safeneedledisposal.org

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