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Esophageal Manometry (4370)

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Esophageal Manometry
An esophageal manometry test measures the
movement and function of the esophagus
and the valve muscle between the esophagus
and stomach. The manometry test is a tool
to help assess swallowing problems, and is
done before and after treatments to the
Getting Ready
Blood thinning medicine should never be
stopped without talking with the provider
who prescribes the medicine for you. The
provider will give you instructions on how
to safely stop the blood thinning medicines.
Contact us if you have any questions.

One Week before Your Procedure
ξ Blood thinning medicine should be
stopped as follows:
ξ No Effient®/Prasugrel for 7 days
ξ No Coumadin®/Warfarin for 5 days
ξ No Plavix®Clopidogrel for 5 days
ξ No rivaroxaban (Xarelto®) for 2
ξ No apixalban (Ellquis®) for 2 days
ξ No Pradaxa®/Dabigatran for 2 days
ξ No enoxaparin (Lovenox) for 12

Do not eat any solid food after midnight the
day of the exam. You may have clear
liquids until 4 hours before you arrive.

Diabetic medicines (oral and insulin) will
need to be adjusted for the time you are not
eating as normal. Please talk to your
primary doctor about your diabetic

Do not take these medicines the day of the
ξ nifedipine (Procardia®)
ξ diltiazem (Cardizem®)
ξ verapamil (Calan®)
ξ nitrate medicine (nitroglycerin,
isosorbide, Isordil®)
ξ tegaserod maleate (Zelnorm®)
ξ erythromycin
ξ metoclopramide hydrochloride

Day of Procedure
Stop drinking liquids 4 hours before you
arrive for your appointment. You may take
medicines with sips of water up until 2 hours
before your appointment.
ξ Your appointment will last about 45
ξ Your nose will be numbed and a
small tube inserted through your
nose and into your esophagus.
ξ When the tube is in the esophagus,
you will be asked to swallow. The
swallowing wave will be recorded.
ξ The tube is removed when the test is

After the Test
You may resume your normal activity, diet
and medicines. Please allow 1-2 weeks for
finalized reports to be available for the
physician to review.

Follow the arrival and registration
instructions in your cover letter. If you
are delayed, call us at (608)890-5000 to let
us know you are going to be late. If you are
over 30 minutes late, we may have to cancel
and reschedule. We do our best to stay on

Your doctor will talk over the results with
you before you leave. You may return to
your normal eating pattern and activity when
you are done with the test.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions you may contact
your doctor or call the numbers listed below.

UW Health Digestive Health Center
750 University Row
Madison, WI
(608) 890-5000
(855) 342-9900
University of Wisconsin Hospital &
GI Procedure Clinic
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI
(608) 263-8097
(800) 323-8942

UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital
Digestive Health Center
Lower Level
202 S. Park Street
Madison, WI
(608) 417-6389

UW Health at the American Center
4602 East Park Blvd
Madison, WI
(608) 440-6300
(608) 607-4800

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