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ERAS Full Bowel Prep Using MoviPrep® w/Travel Day (7643)

ERAS Full Bowel Prep Using MoviPrep® w/Travel Day (7643) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Digestive Health Center (DHC)


Full Bowel Prep Using MoviPrep®
With Travel Day

These will be prescribed to your
pharmacy of choice:
ξ MoviPrep
ξ Antibiotics, metronidazole and
ξ Fleet enema
Purchase 4 bottles of Ensure Clear.
Available Walgreen’s, Walmart

The MoviPrep® bowel prep has two doses,
one liter each. You will drink this prep 2
days before surgery. Then you will drink
only clear liquids. Your travel day is the
day before surgery.

The Evening before Prep Day
1. Before you go to bed, mix MoviPrep®.
Follow package instructions.
2. No extra flavorings should be added to
the MoviPrep®.
3. Refrigerate. It will taste better chilled.

2 Days before surgery.. Drink only clear
liquids starting 2 days before the surgery.
Please note that “clear liquid” means no
sediment, no fiber, no pulp. Clear does not
mean colorless.
 Water, sparkling water or soda
 Gelatin (no added fruit or topping)
homemade from box only
 Popsicles without pieces of fruit or
fruit pulp
 Broth or bouillon
 Crystal Light®
 Juice with no pulp (apple, no orange)
 Coffee or tea, no creamer – sugar is ok
 Gatorade® or other clear sports drinks
 No alcohol or dairy products
 Ensure Clear® 4 packs
 Hard candy

Clear your schedule of other duties for
today. Plan on this part of your bowel prep
taking most of the day. Stay near a
bathroom. If you take medicines, take
them at least 1 hour before your prep or
at least 1 hour after you are done. Do not
take them while you are drinking the
Once you have finished the first dose of the
prep, mix the second dose and place in
refrigerator. You will drink the second dose
at noon today.

2 Days before Surgery-7:00 AM/ First
1. The MoviPrep® container is divided by 4
marks. Every 15 minutes, drink the mixture
down to the next mark (about 8 ounces) until
you drink the full liter.
2. You should begin to have some
abdominal cramping and liquid bowel
movements within 1-6 hours.
3. Stop drinking if you feel sick to your
stomach. Start again as soon as you can at a
slower rate.
4. When you finish drinking the prep, drink
16 ounces of a clear liquid of your choice.
This helps you stay hydrated and helps the
prep work better.
5. Prepare the second dose of MoviPrep®
in the same container. Refrigerate.

2 Days before Surgery-Noon/Second Dose
1. Repeat steps 1-4 above.
2. When finished with the prep, your bowel
movements should be watery and clear, with
solids (flecks are OK). The color may be
yellow, green, or tan.
3. Continue to drink only clear liquids for
the rest of today and all day tomorrow.

1 Day before Surgery-Travel Day
Continue to drink only clear liquids until
bedtime. You will take the antibiotics today
if needed.

Drink three bottles of Ensure Clear® today.
You may take the Ensure drink with the
antibiotics. Save one bottle to drink in the
ξ 3:00 PM- Take the 1st dose of
ξ 5:00 PM- Take the 2nd dose of
ξ 10:00 PM- Take the last dose of

Continue to drink clear liquids until
bedtime. Skin Prep for Surgery-shower #1.

Morning of Surgery
ξ Drink a bottle of Ensure Clear® (10 oz.).
The nurse from First Day Surgery Unit
called you with the specific time to drink
and when to stop drinking.
ξ Give yourself a Fleets® phosphate enema
at least one hour before you leave for the
ξ Skin Prep for Surgery-shower #2

When to Call the Doctor
ξ Steady stomach pain
ξ Light-headed or dizzy
ξ No bowel movements
ξ Cannot drink the prep

Phone Numbers
Digestive Health Center: 608-890-5000.
This is a 24 hour number.
After hours, holidays and weekends ask
for the doctor on call for
______________________________. Tell
them your problem. We will call you back.
Toll free: 1-855-342-9900

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