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24-Hour pH Monitoring and Impedance Study – What Happens Before, During, and After (5160)

24-Hour pH Monitoring and Impedance Study – What Happens Before, During, and After (5160) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Digestive Health Center (DHC)


24-Hour pH Monitoring and Impedance Study
Before, During, and After

What is 24-hour pH monitoring?

It is used to diagnose esophageal reflux. A
small flexible tube is passed through your
nose into your esophagus. The nurse
connects the tube to a small recording device
that measures the acid present in your
esophagus. You will carry this recording
device with you for 22-24 hours and record
meal periods, sleeping periods and reflux
symptoms. The recorder measures how
often acid may move into the esophagus
from the stomach and if this relates to your

Getting Ready

ξ This test can be performed either on
or off acid blocking medicine. If you
are told to stop the acid blocking
medicines, you must stop for at least
5 days before the appointment and
stay off the medicine until the study
is done.
ξ Orders from your doctor are:

ξ Do not eat any solid food after
midnight the night before your test.

ξ You may continue to drink clear
liquids up until 4 hours before you

ξ Diabetic medicines (oral and
insulin) will need to be adjusted for
the time you are not eating as
normal. Please talk to your primary
doctor about your diabetes

Day of Procedure

ξ Stop drinking liquids 4 hours
before you arrive for your
appointment. You may take
medicines with sips of water up until
2 hours before your appointment.
ξ Your appointment will last about 45
ξ Your nose will be numbed and a
small tube inserted through your
nose and into your esophagus.
ξ After the tube is placed, you will be
asked to eat and drink normally. IF
you have noticed any foods that
make your symptoms worse, please
have those at home to eat during the
ξ The nurse will instruct you on use of
the recorder and diary, and answer all
of your questions.
ξ You must handle the recorder with
care. Do not drop or bang it. You
may not shower/bath or get the
recorder wet.

After the Test

Results from your diary and the pH recorder
will be entered into a computer. Results of
the test will be sent to your doctor. Please
allow 1-2 weeks for the final report to be
available for your doctor to review.

How to Contact us:

If you have any questions, you may contact
us at the contact numbers listed below.

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GI Procedure Clinic
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