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Nail Biopsy Home Care (7529)

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Nail Biopsy Home Care

Wound Care

ξ Leave the bandage on for 24 hours.
ξ Change the bandage 24 hours after

ξ Keep the bandage dry. Cover it with
a plastic bag to shower.
ξ Cover the wound with a thin layer of
petroleum jelly. This helps it heal.

Change the bandage each day

ξ Remove bandage
ξ If the bandage sticks, soak it off. Use equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water.
Soak it for 10-15 minutes.
ξ Clean the wound with mild soap and water. Rinse.
ξ Pat dry.
ξ Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the wound
ξ Apply a Band-Aid
ξ Change the bandage each day until the wound heals.

Home Care

The skin under the nail looks pink. Expect some bleeding. For a few days it will feel tender. It
may throb. This is normal. It will feel better in 7-10 days.

Take pain medicine as needed. The wound may feel numb or tingle for weeks.

If the nail is on, expect it to slowly lift off. It is okay to trim it with a nail clipper. A new nail will

If you have scabs, soak wound for 10 minutes. Use equal parts warm water and hydrogen
peroxide. It is okay to remove scabs with a cotton swab.


ξ Use pillows to raise the hand/foot above your waist.
ξ Keep pressure off the wound for at least two days.
ξ Wear shoes with open toes.
ξ If the bandage feels too tight, take it off and re-wrap it.

When to call the clinic

ξ Questions or concerns
ξ Excess bleeding
ξ Pus
ξ Wound is warm to the touch
ξ Excess pain

Follow-Up Appointments

1. Change your bandage: Date/Time: ____________ _________________ am/pm.

2. Clinic appointment to change bandage. Date/Time: __________________________.

3. Clinic appointment to remove stitches. Date/Time: ___________________________.

Phone Numbers

Dermatology Clinic: (608) 265-7670. This is a 24 hour number.
After hours, weekends or holidays ask for the doctor on call for Dr. _______________________.
We will call you back.

Toll free: 1-800- 323-8942

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