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Nail Grooming and Cosmetics (7354)

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Nail Grooming and Cosmetics

Nails protect the tips of the fingers and help with the sensation of fine touch.
It is important to take care of the nail and the skin around it. Tips for caring
for your nails include:

1. Cuticles should be gently pushed back with a soft towel, after soaking
them, or after a bath or shower.

2. Do not allow your manicurist to cut or push back your cuticles.

3. Have your manicurist use your own nail tools. After you are done wash
them in soapy water, a dishwasher is okay, or swab them with alcohol.

4. Keep the skin around your nails healthy by moisturizing it, by trimming
any hangnails, and by limiting the amount of wet work.

5. Nail products may cause a reaction. If you experience itching, burning,
stinging, or soreness after a nail treatment, remove the products

6. Keep nails short. This is even if you wear artificial nails (acrylics, wraps,
gels, or tips). A good length for healthy nails is when you touch the tip of
your finger on a tabletop, the skin of your finger touches before your nail
does. Long nails increase the stress on the nail bed where the nail attaches
to the skin. It can lift off more easily (onycholysis) putting you at a greater
risk for infection.

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