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Instructions for Acne Care (6492)

Instructions for Acne Care (6492) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Dermatology


Instructions for Acne Care

1. Gently wash skin surface with acne wash or a mild soap or cleanser (such as Cetaphil®,
Neutrogena®, Aveeno®, Dove®, Vanicream®, or Purpose®). Avoid the use of washcloths, buff
puffs, scrubbing sponges, astringents, facial scrubs, and any over-the-counter products that dry or
irritate the skin. Pat the skin dry.

2. Do not squeeze or pick pimples.

3. If cosmetics are used, they should be water based and oil-free. Anything applied to acne prone
skin should say “non-comedogenic”.

4. Use medicines as prescribed. Topical medicines are meant to be applied to the entire face. Do not
simply spot treat the lesions unless told to do so.

Topical Medicine
1. Apply _____________________to the affected areas of the face/body ____ time(s) per day.
Apply in the: morning evening
2. Apply _____________________to the affected areas of the face/body ____ time(s) per day.
Apply in the: morning evening

Topical Washes
Apply ______________________ to the affected areas of the face/body ____time(s) per day.
Apply in the: morning evening

Topical Retinoid Medicine
Apply ________________________________ to your face daily.
Apply in the: morning evening
ξ Be sure that your face is completely dry before using the retinoid.
ξ Use once every other day or every three days for 2 weeks, then use daily.
ξ Squeeze a "pea-sized" amount of the medicine onto your index finger, and rub in.
ξ Apply ¼ of the cream or gel to each quadrant of your face.
Apply non-oily ("non-comedogenic") sunscreen with an SPF of 15-45 daily.

Oral Medicine
Medicine: ________________________Dose: ___________________________
Special Instructions: Take with full glass of water and do not lie down for one hour after taking.

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