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Home Care Instructions for Local Laser (6490)

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Home Care Instructions for Local Laser

1. After laser, the bruising and swelling may get worse for 24–48 hours. Do not be alarmed. It
is rarely painful. Blisters or bubbles may be noted on the skin in the first 48 hours. Most
blisters do not scar.

2. Ice bags can help to lessen swelling (if your child will allow it) in the first four hours. Use
ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

3. Try to have your child rest and avoid doing things that would result in falling or hurting the
laser-treated skin.

4. Apply ointment to the skin several times daily until the bruising goes away. Antibiotic
ointment (except Neosporin®) or petroleum jelly can be used. This helps to prevent trauma
and lessens the risk of scarring.

5. If your child is fussy or complains of pain, give Tylenol® every 4–6 hours in the dose advised
by your pediatrician. If your child has an itch and tries to scratch, you can use over the
counter hydrocortisone cream for a few days.

6. Avoid the sun between laser treatments. Apply sunscreen after the bruising has gone away.
The sun causes blood vessel birthmarks to get worse or return.

7. There are no restrictions on bathing, swimming, or activities after laser treatment.

8. After the blue-gray discoloration goes away, there may be some redness that lasts another 5
to 10 days. Your child’s laser-treated area will not appear to have improved at this time. It
takes six to eight weeks to get rid of the extra vessels with this treatment. That is why we ask
you to return in two months so that we can see the improvement. We will decide at this time
whether further treatments are needed at that site or at other sites that were not treated.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the clinic.

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