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Insect Repellents for Children (6485)

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Insect Repellents for Children

Insect repellents should be used along with protective clothing. The American Academy of
Pediatrics states that a 30 percent concentration is safe for both children and adults, but that 10
percent can be used for children if parents are concerned about the potential risks or if the threat
of disease-carrying mosquitoes is small. Those that have a high concentration (more than l0%) of
DEET should not be used on an infant’s skin because they are toxic. Spray repellents that are
designed to be used on clothing only should not be used on your child’s skin. The table below
lists some insect repellents found in the U.S. and their ingredients.

Brand Manufacturer

Plant-Based Repellants
Bite Blocker (geranium oil) Consep, Inc
Repel (Oil of lemon Eucalyptus) Wisconsin Pharmacal
Avon Skin-so-soft Bug Guard spray (citronella 0. l 0%) Avon

Repellents with DEET % DEET
Skedaddle for Children Minnetonka 6.5
Skedaddle for Children with sunscreen SPF 15 Minnetonka 6.5
Off! Skintastic for Kids spray Johnson Wax 5.0
Cutter All Family Insect spray United Industries 7.0
Cutter Pleasant Protection with sunscreen SPF l 5 United Industries 7.0
Repel Camp Lotion for Kids Wisconsin Pharmacal 10.0
Repel Soft Unscented Gel Wisconsin Pharmacal 7.0

In 2001 the Environmental Protection Agency made the following recommendations regarding
the safe use of insect repellant with DEET for children:
ξ Do not apply to infants under two months of age. (Skin permeability becomes similar to
adult by the second month of life.)
ξ Read and follow all directions and precautions on the product label.
ξ Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated skin.
ξ Do not apply to young children's hands or near eyes or mouth.
ξ Do not allow young children to apply products themselves.
ξ Use just enough to cover the exposed skin and/or clothing.
ξ Do not use under clothing.
ξ Avoid over-application.
ξ After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.
ξ Wash treated clothing before wearing again.

ξ Do not use spray solutions in enclosed areas or near food.
ξ For use on face, apply to adult hands and then rub on face. Do not spray face. Avoid
areas around eyes and mouth.

Repellents with Picaridin (KBR3023)
Cutter Advance Sport Insect Repellent United Industries

Permethrin Insecticide Sprays (For clothing only! Not applied to skin)
Cutter Outdoorsman Gear Guard Spray Cutter 0.5%
Repel Permanone Wisconsin Pharmacal

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