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Your Role on the Health Care Team (7685)

Your Role on the Health Care Team (7685) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery


High Blood Pressure
ξ Work with your doctor or nurse to set your blood
pressure goal
ξ Keep a blood pressure log and bring it to your






Exercise and Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits
Talk to your doctor or nurse about:
ξ Healthy eating
ξ Physical activity
ξ Reduce stress

Ask Questions
Write down questions for your doctor or nurse
ξ Ask every time you don't understand something
ξ Ask about other health problems related to high blood pressure
ξ Ask for more information if you need it
ξ you
Routine Follow up
See your nurse for regular blood pressure checks
ξ Bring your monitor and log to every visit
ξ Keep up to date with your needed lab work
ξ Bring all of your pills with you when you see your doctor
Talk To Your Team
Tell your doctor or nurse:
ξ How you take your pills
ξ About any supplements and over the counter pills you take
ξ Any concerns you may have 12/2017 HFFY# 7685
ξ If you are having trouble coping with your condition or feel depressed

Your Role on the Health Care Team
Staying healthy is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself. Working with your health care
team can make that happen. UW Health is asking you to take an active role on your team. It is important for
you to learn as much as you can to control your blood pressure and to get all of your lab work and
screenings done on schedule. Another important step is to prepare for your clinic visits. To help you
remember what to tell your care team, just remember the word H.E.A.R.T
ξ For information, see a nutritionist
ξ Stop using tobacco and stay away
from secondhand smoke
ξ Limit alcohol

are the
center of
your team!