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Pacemaker Home Phone Transmission (6371)

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Pacemaker Home Phone Transmission

This handout will help you to do home phone transmissions with your pacemaker.

Before doing a transmission

At a clinic visit, a nurse will show you how to use the transmitter. The nurse will also let you
know when to expect a call.

Getting ready to do a transmission

1. Have these supplies within reach of your phone:
ξ Transmitter box
ξ Glass of water

2. Turn off all nearby appliances—TVs, computers, stereos, or microwave ovens. If they are
running, they may interfere with the transmission.

3. Attach the wrist bands to your wrists. The white band goes on the right and the black
band goes on the left. Make sure the disks on the bands are on a surface of the skin without

4. Place quite a few drops of water under each disk.

5. Plug the wristband cord into the outlet on the transmitter. The cord may be left in place
between checks. (Your model may not require this step.) Make sure the cords are straight
and not tangled.

When the nurse calls

1. Turn the transmitter on and place the phone in position. Refer to the picture on the
transmitter for the proper spot to put the phone. After 40 seconds, pick up the phone and
talk to the nurse.

2. Next, put the phone back on the transmitter. Then place the magnet over your pacemaker.
After another 40 seconds pick up the phone.

3. For the final recording, place the phone on the transmitter for 40 seconds more. Do this just
like you did the first recording. After 40 seconds, pick up the phone and talk to the nurse.
The nurse will let you know how your pacemaker is doing.

This completes your phone check. You will receive a notice in the mail to tell you the date and
time of your next appointment.

Who to call with questions

If you feel dizzy, light headed or have a return of the symptoms that you had before your
pacemaker was inserted, call the Device Clinic at (608) 263-1530 or your local doctor the same

If you live out of the area, call 1-800-323-8942. Ask for the Device Clinic.

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