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Weigh Yourself Daily (5935)

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Weigh Yourself Daily

A weight gain may mean that your body is retaining fluid.

Weigh yourself every morning after urinating, before
dressing, and before eating breakfast. Write it down.
You need to use the same scale every morning.

• Record your weight every day so you have a
weight diary to report to your doctor or nurse.
• Call your doctor if your weight increases by 2 or
more pounds in 1 to 2 days or by more than 5
pounds in 1 week.
• Call your doctor if you notice swelling in your
feet, legs, or abdomen (bloating).
• Limit the sodium (salt) in your diet to prevent
fluid build-up and weight gain.

Writing down and reporting weight gains can help
you and your doctor better control your heart failure
by adjusting your medicines. This may keep you out
of the hospital and help you to live a fuller life.

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Daily Weight Chart

Please weigh yourself each morning after urinating, before breakfast, and wearing
the same amount of clothing.

Date: Weight: Comparison to day