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Special Precautions after Having a Heart Valve Replaced (5803)

Special Precautions after Having a Heart Valve Replaced (5803) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery


Special Precautions after Having a Heart Valve Replaced

Take antibiotics before any dental work
(cleaning), surgery, or major tests. Your
dentist or doctor can order these for you.
Always take them before your visit. Dental
hygiene is important for overall health. This
ξ brushing teeth with fluoridated
toothpaste and a soft bristle brush for
2 minutes two times every day
ξ flossing daily
ξ visiting a dentist 2 times per year for
teeth cleaning and x-rays.

Watch for signs of infection. You need to
watch for signs of infection around your
heart valve (bacterial endocarditis). Signs
and symptoms may include:
ξ Chills, heavy sweating
ξ Temperature greater than 101 θ F
ξ Lack of hunger and weight loss
ξ Fatigue and weakness
ξ Joint pain

If you notice these symptoms, call your local
doctor right away.

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