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Leucovorin Enhancement For the Treatment of Cancer (5571)

Leucovorin Enhancement For the Treatment of Cancer (5571) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Cancer, BMT, Hematology


Leucovorin Enhancement
For the Treatment of Cancer

It is a vitamin used to enhance fluorouracil.

How It Is Given
It is injected into a vein, muscle, or taken by mouth. Since this drug is used to enhance the
cancer-cell killing power of fluorouracil, doses of leucovorin are most often given before the
fluorouracil dose or sometimes before and after the dose.

Common Side Effects
Although the leucovorin itself is virtually non-toxic, the side effects of fluorouracil are often
made worse, especially diarrhea. If you are receiving leucovorin with your fluorouracil, report
any diarrhea to the clinic immediately.

Less Common Side Effects
Possible allergic reactions which may include rash, itching and /or facial flushing. Reactions are
rarely severe from this medicine.

Special Concerns
Talk with your health care provider before taking any vitamin or herbal supplements.

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