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How to Prepare for Your Burn Clinic Visit (8017)

How to Prepare for Your Burn Clinic Visit (8017) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Burn


How to Prepare for Your Burn Clinic Visit
This handout will help you prepare for your
burn clinic visits.
What to Bring
ξ A list of your medicines (include any
that have been prescribed by other
ξ List of allergies (also include any
side effects you might be having
such as upset stomach, nausea,
diarrhea, etc.)
ξ Supplies for your dressing change (if
asked to do so)
How to Prepare
ξ Take your pain medicine as directed
1 hour before your clinic visit. If you
have questions/concerns about this,
please call the burn/wound clinic
(608-264-8040). If you are taking
narcotic pain medicine, you will
need to have someone drive you to
and from your clinic visit.
What to Expect
ξ The current dressing will be removed
by a medical assistant or nurse.
ξ The burn/wound will be washed with
soap and water.
ξ The provider or RN will assess the
ξ The provider will decide if there are
any changes to your dressing.
ξ The medical assistant or nurse will
apply the new dressing.

Dressing Changes at Home
ξ If you are changing your dressings at
o Let staff know how many
dressings you have at home. We
can then send you home with the
right amount at this clinic visit.
ξ You may be taught to change your
dressings at home. If you do, you
will be given supplies to last until
your next appointment.
ξ If you are not taught to change your
dressings at home, keep the dressing
on. Do not remove it. Staff will
remove the dressing at the next
appointment. Keep your dressings
clean and dry.

Who to Call with Questions
ξ Burn/Wound Clinic: (608)264-8040

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