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Skin Graft Care (4404)

Skin Graft Care (4404) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Burn


Skin Graft Care

For all Skin Grafts
ξ Watch for signs and symptoms of infection:
o Redness (about 1 inch in width) and swelling around the burn.
o Foul smelling drainage from the wound.
o Flu-like symptoms (temperature greater than 100.4º by mouth for two readings 4
hours apart, chills, nausea, vomiting or muscle aches).
o Increasing pain that is not relieved by prescribed pain medicine.

Care of a Skin Graft with or without a Bolster or Splint
ξ Keep the grafted area elevated to prevent swelling which could damage the new skin graft.
ξ Keep the bolster or splint dry. You may clean around the bolster site by sponge bathing with mild
soap and water.
ξ Take your prescribed medicine to control pain.
ξ Activity restrictions: _______________________________________________

Care of a Skin Graft after Initial Dressings Removed
ξ Wash the area with mild soap and water beginning on ____________.
ξ Apply moisturizing lotion ___________ to keep new skin from drying or cracking. Air out graft
for ___________.
ξ Apply Wound Veil to graft site.
ξ Wrap graft area with non-stretch roller gauze.
ξ Apply compression ________________________________.

For question Monday through Friday 8 AM -5 PM please call the General Surgery and Burn Clinic at

If you have urgent questions or needs after hours or on weekends, call the Burn Unit Nurses at
608-263-1490 or call 608-262-2122 and ask to have the Burn resident paged.

If you have non urgent questions or needs after hours or on weekends, you can leave a message the for
General Surgery triage nurse at 608-890-9542.

If you live out of the area, you can call toll free at 1-800-323-8942.

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