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Seizure Pad Process

Seizure Pad Process - Clinical Hub, Patient Safety, Nursing Quality and Safety Resources


Contact Information

Anne Leclaire CNS Nursing Quality and Safety with any questions.

Email: aleclaire-thoma@uwhealth.org
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  1. Open the Orders tab and in the Search Box enter “seizure” or “seizure precautions,” then select the order needed. The pads can be ordered with seizure precautions or independently
    Orders tab
  2. Complete order entry fields and Accept the order
    Complete order entry
  3. Sign the order using Protocol/Policy without Co-sign order mode
    Sign the order

KEY STEP: Call bed movers at (608) 516-0594 to notify them that a seizure pad* is needed

Proper Placement of Seizure Pads

The only seizure pads that will work with the new Stryker S3 beds are pictured below. Old pads will not fit on the bed correctly.

Seizure pad

Patient Discharge/Seizure Pad Discontinued

*Seizure pads will be stored centrally and should not be stored in unit stock rooms