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Video Monitoring

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Start Date for Early Adopters:  June 4, 2015

Early Adopter Units:  D4/4, D4/6, D4/5, B4/4, F6/5, F4/6, B4/6, and F4/4 (P5 future)

Exclusion Criteria

  1. Requires consistently more than 3 in-person re-directions or alarms in a half hour
  2. On suicide precautions with 1:1
  3. In locked restraints
  4. In violent and/or self-destructive restraints

Indications for Re-Evaluation of Constant Observation

If one or more of the following criteria are met, the patient will be re-evaluated for Constant Observation:

  1. Requires such close supervision from monitor tech, that tech can’t watch other patients
  2. Does not respond to voice re-direction from monitor tech (resulting in numerous alerts to staff for intervention) and is too fast for staff to respond to the alarm
  3. Requires consistently more than 3 voice re-directions and alarms from the video monitor technician in a half hour
  4. Any complicating event that could possibly result in harm to the patient
  5. Equipment failure


What is video monitoring?

A portable monitor is placed in the patient’s room and the patient is monitored by trained video monitor techs. The video monitor tech will be able to visualize the patient (unless the patient is in the bathroom or the staff ask the tech to put the privacy screen on) , can talk to the patient, can zoom in on the patient if necessary, can contact unit staff via phone, can set an alarm off in the patients room if necessary. The video monitoring camera has infrared capability to see patients in the dark.

Where is the room the video monitoring is based out of?

F6/423- across from the CIU break room.

What patients do NOT qualify for constant observation by video monitoring?

What decides if the patient is no longer a candidate for video monitoring and needs a PSA instead?

How many patients can 1 monitoring tech watch at one time?

Up to 5 initially.

How do I get a break when I am a video monitoring tech (VMT)?

Contact another trained VMT to come break you.

How many monitoring stations are there?

2 as well as 2 phones.

Who do I call if there is a problem with the system?

Call the Help Desk at (608) 265-7777.

My patient no longer requires video monitoring for constant observation. What should I do?

Algorithm for Discontinuation of Video Monitoring Workflow


HFFY 7768: Video Monitoring


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