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Safety WINKs - Clinical Hub, Patient Safety, Patient Safety Program


Safety is top priority at UW Health 

The goal of the UW Health Patient Safety Program is to provide a safe patient care environment that encourages the reporting of mistakes, errors and unsafe practices that may result in harm as well as opportunities for system improvement.  An area of focus of the patient safety program is formalizing the communication of patient safety events and lessons learned to UW Health clinicians and staff. 

Safety WINKs (What I Need to Know) were adopted by the American Family Children Hospital (AFCH) as a part of the Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) collaborative AFCH is participating in with other children’s hospitals across the United States.  The goal of Safety WINKs is to help communicate events and share lessons learned to the leaders and staff at AFCH. UW Health is now adopting this communication tool to share organizational wide events, lessons learned, and actions taken to ensure the safe care delivery. 

UW Health Safety WINKs will be a bimonthly electronic communication in which safety stories and lessons learned will be shared featuring events submitted via the Patient Safety Net (PSN), as well as other safety issues that are identified from all areas throughout UW Health.  

Starting January 2017, a Safety WINK will be published in the organization wide In Brief that is emailed on Wednesday’s, as well as Leadership and Physician In Briefs. Safety WINKs are distributed to UW Health clinicians and staff, we encourage you to talk about and share your thoughts and experiences with the topics addressed by the Safety WINKs with each other!


Review these Safety WINKs and discuss at huddles, and/or department meetings. Each WINK will include a Challenge Question or Key Takeaways that you can use to stimulate conversation. 

Our efforts depend on the commitment to patient safety by clinicians and staff within all areas of the organization.  As UW Health continues to become a highly reliable organization Safety WINKs helps to create awareness, promote transparency, share lessons learned and take action to ensure safe care.


If you have any questions you may contact Maureen Walz at mwalz@uwhealth.org, the AFCH Quality Improvement Analyst or Amy Marver at amarver@uwhealth.org, Patient Safety Officer-UW Health.  


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