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Printing the RN Handoff Report

Printing the RN Handoff Report - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Nursing Practice Tools and Resources, Bedside Shift Report, Promoting Action and Adoption, Resources

Printing the RN Shift Handoff Report January 2015 Page 1 of 1
J:\Nursing\shareall\Nursing Practice Innovation\Bedside Shift Report\Toolkit\Printing RN Shift Handoff Report.doc
Prepared by Rebecca Rankin, Nursing Informatics

A standard report has been created that staff can use for shift handoff report. It
includes key patient information and open space and prompts for notes. It reflects the
information available in the patient record at the time the report was printed and is not
intended to replace the use of the computer for accessing and updating patient
information in the clinical record.

Printing the RN Handoff Report – Quick Steps
1. Go to Patient List.
2. Customize list to only include patients you want printed (reports will print for all
patients in a Patient List).
3. Click the Patient Report button.
4. Unclick the Blank button at the top of the list.
5. Scroll down and select RN Handoff Report-30545760.
6. Verify the correct printer is defaulted and/or change if you want another printer.
7. Click Print.

NOTE: Additional unit specific notes will be added in the near future.

Printing the RN Handoff Report
January 2015