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Five Minutes at the Bedside

Five Minutes at the Bedside - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Primary Nursing


Goals: To facilitate knowing the patient and personalizing care; to elicit patient/family priorities for the shift; to discuss/update the current plan of care with the patient; to demonstrate caring about the patient as a person. 

Expectation: Nurses will spend Five Minutes every shift (as appropriate) sitting in a chair and talking with each of the patients they are caring for. 


Talking Points

The following material suggests what to say to patients and families about Primary Nursing. This content does not need to be memorized or used verbatim, but can and should be adapted to reflect the nurse's personal style as well as individualized to patients/families. 

Initial explanation of the Five Minutes process to patients/families: 

"One of the ways that we will keep in touch with you is to spend a few minutes a couple of times a day sitting down with you talking about how things are going and the plan for the shift. You can tell us about any needs or concerns then but you should feel free to talk to your nurse at any time."

Introduction of the Five Minutes: 

"If it's OK with you, I'm going to spend a few minutes with you now talking about how you are doing and what to expect during the next day or so."

Key questions to use as appropriate:

Information to give during the conversation: 

For next 8-24 hours (as known): Expected diagnostic tests, therapies & procedures, trips off-unit, consults, patient teaching, potential discharge date.


"Thank you. Even though we were able to sit and talk just now, please let me know at any time if you have any new needs or concerns."