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Creating TRIP Sheets

Creating TRIP Sheets - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Nursing Practice Guidelines, TRIP: Translating Research into Practice

Translating Research Into Practice is all about moving research off a printed page and into every day nursing practice. TRIP sheets are designed to provide quick, easy- to-read, clinician-focused information that highlights the “why” (or the evidence-base) behind a practice, along with the basic “how to” information needed to make these practices a reality.TRIP sheets provide a consistent format to communicate evidence-based practices connecting the evidence base, nursing practice, and organizational initiatives and resources.


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Contact Information

Élise Arsenault Knudsen
Clinical Nurse Specialist for
Research & Evidence-Based Practice
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TRIP Process Overview

‌Please review the process above. Much more detail is provided in this document: 

While developing your TRIP sheet use the