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Nursing Practice Guideline Committee Charges/Goals

Nursing Practice Guideline Committee Charges/Goals - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Nursing Practice Guidelines


Nursing Practice Guideline Committee Charges for FY17:

  1. Support and coordinate the development, implementation, and evaluation of nursing practice guidelines for UW Health Nursing.
  2. Provide consultation and oversight for nursing practice guidelines and TRIP sheets requested and/or developed by a service/unit/clinic.
  3. Provide recommendations for Nursing Practice Guideline process and improvement work, along with NPG drafts, to the Nursing Practice Council for final approval.
  4. Ensure nursing practice guidelines, TRIP sheets, and related resources are electronically accessible to nursing staff.
  5. Ensure review of all existing nursing practice guidelines every three years and revise as appropriate.

Nursing Practice Guideline Committee Goals for FY 17:

  1. Facilitate implementation of the Mitigation of Nurse Fatigue Nursing Practice Guideline
    1. Connect with key stakeholders (e.g. D4/4, Psych Liaison CNS) who can help to raise awareness of the guideline and can assist with implementation by December, 2016.
    2. Collaborate with Nursing Staffing Council, Content Expert, and UW Health’s Employee Wellness to identify 5 implementation strategies by October, 2016.
  2. Review and/or revise guideline topics, by end of FY 17, including: Strategies to Support Self-Management of Chronic Conditions, Obesity, Ca-UTI, Insulin Pump Use in the Hospital, Restraints, IP/VAD, and Falls.
    1. Contact Authors/Content Experts by September, 2016
    2. Review and Approve by June 2017
  3. Develop and implement a marketing plan for Nursing Practice Guidelines by June 2017.

Approved, Nursing Practice Guideline Committee: August 4, 2016
Approved, Nursing Practice Council:  August 9, 2016