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Other Complications

Other Complications - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Intrathecal Pump Placement For Long-Term Treatment Of Chronic Pain


In rare instances, the development of an inflammatory mass at the tip of the implanted catheter may occur that can result in progressive clinical signs that bear monitoring. These signs include a progressive change in the character, quality, or intensity of pain; an increase in the level and degree of pain despite dose escalation; sensory changes, i.e., numbness, tingling, burning, hyperesthesia and/or hyperalgesia.

Presentations that require immediate diagnosis include bowel and/or bladder dysfunction; myelopathy, conus syndrome, gait disturbances or difficulty ambulating; and paraparesis or paralysis.

If inflammatory mass is suspected, recommended evaluation should include a review of the patient history and neurological evaluation, radiological diagnostic procedures (such as an MRI with contrast), and an appropriate clinical consultation.