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GuardrailsĀ® Drug Library

GuardrailsĀ® Drug Library - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Alaris® System


Process for Modifying the Alaris Guardrails Drug Library

  1. Requests for additions or changes to the Alaris® Guardrail drug library must be entered by completing the Alaris Library Change Request and Report of Non-scanning Medications Form.
  2. Library changes must be consistent with UWHC Guidelines for the Intravenous Administration of Formulary Drugs in Adults and Pediatrics.
  3. All modifications or additions to the Guardrails® Drug Library (data set) are prioritized by potential severity of injury to the patient if the medication were administered inappropriately and the frequency of administration.
  4. After a request is made, a group of UWHC clinical experts is asked to review and comment on the request. Each request is reviewed by at least one pharmacist, physician and nurse clinician.
  5. All proposed changes to the Guardrails® Drug Library must then be approved by the Smart Pump Oversight Committee, a subcommittee of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.
  6. After all modifications are approved, changes are sent electronically to the Alaris System server:
    1. Routinely on a quarterly basis
    2. On or near the first of the month
    3. Immediately if warranted due to safety considerations  


Alaris Library Change Request and Report of Non-scanning Medications Form