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Equipment Problems

Equipment Problems - Clinical Hub, Nursing Hub, Alaris® System


What to Do In Case of Alaris® Equipment Problems 

  1. Remove the device from service: Sequester all parts of the Alaris® System including the tubing. Obtain a new programming unit and modules from Central Services.
  2. Complete the white CS tag or use orange "Broken Equipment" post-it tag and apply to pump channel or programming unit.
    1. Include the Serial or Facilities Management Resource ID Number:
    2. The serial number is listed on the back of the pump and is also available electronically within the pump:
      1. Turn pump on
      2. Press OPTIONS
      3. Select PAGE DOWN
      4. Select SERIAL NUMBERS
    3. The Facilities Management Resource (FMR) ID is on a sticker on the back of pump, starts with "0" and is 6 numbers long.
  3. File a Patient Safety Net report during your shift if there is a potential malfunction or patient harm with a pump.
    1. Record the numbers of the Programming Unit and affected module(s) on the PSN.
    2. Record the Lot Number of the associated tubing set.
    3. Bag all tubing and the device in biohazard bag.
    4. Give to Unit Manager.
    5. Call Risk Management at (608) 261-1327 or (608) 263-0994 
  4. Refer to UWHC Administrative Policy 12.40 Reporting of Device-Related Adverse Events & Other Product Problems and UWHC Nursing Administrative Policy 8.39 Repair or Replacement of Essential Equipment in Case of Breakdown