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Clinical practice guidelines are systematically developed documents to assist decision-making which describe the preferred clinical practice related to the care of specific patient populations. These documents are based on available evidence and/or expert opinion and are used in conjunction with patient preferences and values.

All guidelines are managed and overseen by one of three departments. The Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM) is responsible for guidelines which describe care for an entire population, involve multiple intervention types and disciplines, or cross care settings. The Drug Policy Program develops and maintains guidelines which only describe indications and dosing requirements for certain medications or classes. The Nursing Practice Guideline Committee, a subcommittee of the Nursing Practice Council, is responsible for guidelines which apply only to nursing practice.


Contact Information

Interdisciplinary Guidelines
Email: CCKM@uwhealth.org

Medication Guidelines
Philip Trapskin
Email: ptrapskin@uwhealth.org

Nursing Practice Guidelines
Élise Arsenault-Knudsen
Email: earsenaultknudsen@uwhealth.org


All clinical practice guidelines are managed by one of three departments:


Use the contact information above to request to join a workgroup or submit a request via Service Now. A list of pending guideline requests is outlined in the following report: Clinical Practice Guideline Requests.


All clinical practice guidelines should be developed using the UW Health Guideline Template. Staff constructing interdisciplinary guidelines or medication-related guidelines should follow the detailed processes outlined within the UW Health Guideline Resource Guide. Nursing practice guidelines should be developed using the .

Interdisciplinary guidelines are typically approved by the Clinical Knowledge Management (CKM) Council, whereas medication-related guidelines are approved by the Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and/or related subcommittee(s). Final approval for nursing practice guidelines must be obtained by the Nursing Practice Guidelines Committee and Nursing Practice Council (see the Nursing Practice Guideline Webpage for more information).


What is the difference between a guideline and a policy?

Although clinical practice guidelines and clinical policies both guide patient care, one important distinction is disciplinary action. Clinical practice guidelines contain evidence-based practice recommendations that can guide a clinician’s decision making with patients; while also incorporating their professional judgement and patient preferences and values. A policy outlines actions and responsibilities for a given situation designed to describe expected clinician practice where noncompliance may lead to disciplinary action.

Why is approval necessary for UW Health to adopt/endorse a guideline, even if it’s based on documents created by an external professional society?

The approval process will help to ensure that the recommendations established by a guideline are consistent with UW Health’s practice environments. To facilitate the use and implementation of guidelines, with the support of senior clinical and administrative leadership, all clinical practice guidelines must be reviewed and endorsed by UW Health approving bodies (see more details about approving bodies outlined on the CPG homepage).

How do I know which evidence grade to choose?

Evidence grading may be a new skill for many workgroup members. Grades should be assigned based upon the quality of the evidence and strength of the recommendation. Contact CCKM for additional training or help. References and training resources are located on the Resources Tab.


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