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MAHC-10 Directions for Use

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Missouri Alliance for HOME CARE

MAHC-10 Fall Risk Assessment Tool
Directions for Use

The Missouri Alliance for Home Care (MAHC) Fall Benchmark Project developed
the MAHC-10 Fall Risk Assessment Tool in 2004. Since that time this multi-
factorial tool has been used by home health agencies across the country. In
2010 Dr. Mary Calys, physical therapist with North Kansas City Hospital, Dr.
Kendra Gagnon and Dr. Stephen Jernigan, both with the Department of
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Kansas
Medical Center, tested the validity of the tool. The result of their research was
accepted by the Home Health Care Management & Practice Journal in
September 2012.

OASIS-C requires a patient fall risk assessment to be conducted using a
validated or scientifically tested multi-factorial assessment tool. The research
and subsequent publication of the finding means that home health agencies
may now use the multi-factorial and validated MAHC-10 tool to conduct the
patient fall risk assessment required by OASIS-C.

The goal of the MAHC-10 Tool is to help home health agencies improve patient
outcomes and reduce falls. To that end, MAHC allows the MAHC-10 Tool to be
used by agencies free of charge. MAHC extends that offer to software vendors
who wish to incorporate the MAHC-10 Tool into their products used by
their HHA customers/consumers.

Rules for Using the MAHC-10 Tool

1. The fall risk assessment tool used for the validation research
was the MAHC-10. The MAHC-10 consists of the required ten
core elements, initial instructions, scoring mechanism and
threshold for risk, all of which may not be altered or changed
in any way.
2. The word “MAHC-10” must remain on the form or be
embedded with the tool.
3. Credit must be given to the Missouri Alliance for Home Care.

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