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Hunger Vital Sign

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The Hunger Vital Sign™
For each of the following statements, please tell me which one is “often true,” “sometimes true” or
“never true” for the past 12 months, that is since last [name of current month].
1. We (I) worried whether our food would run out before we (I) got money to buy more
2. The food that we (I) bought just didn't last and we (I) didn't have money to get more
to identify
Hager, E. R., Quigg, A. M., Black, M. M., Coleman, S. M., Heeren, T., Rose-Jacobs, R., & Frank, D. A. (2010). Development
and validity of a 2-item screen to identify families at risk for food insecurity. Pediatrics, 126(1), e26-e32.