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CIDI - Bipolar Disorder Screening Scale

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NM#800040 (Rev. 06/10/16) Worksheet Only – Not a Medical Record Document
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(University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority)

I. Stem questions
1. Some people have periods lasting several days or longer when they feel much more excited and full of
energy than usual. Their minds go too fast. They talk a lot. They are very restless or unable to sit still and
they sometimes do things that are unusual for them, such as driving too fast or spending too much money.
Have you ever had a period like this lasting several days or longer?

2. Have you ever had a period lasting, several days or longer when most of the time you were so irritable or
grouchy that you either started arguments, shouted at people, or hit people?

II. Criterion B screening question

1. People who have episodes like this often have changes in their thinking and behavior at the same time, like
being more talkative, needing very little sleep, being very restless, going on buying sprees, and behaving in
ways they would normally think are inappropriate. Did you ever have any of these changes during your
episodes of being (excited and full of energy/very irritable or grouchy)?

III. Criterion B symptoms questions

Think of an episode when you had the largest number of changes like these as the same time. During that episode,
which of the following changes did you experience?

1. Where you so irritable that you either started arguments, shouted at people, or hit people?

2. Did you become so restless or fidgety that you paced up and down or couldn’t stand still?

3. Did you do anything else that wasn’t usual for you – like talking about things you would normally keep
private, or acting in ways that you’d usually find embarrassing?

4. Did you try to do things that were impossible to do, like taking on large amounts of work?

5. Did you constantly keep changing your plans or activities?

6. Did you find it hard to keep your mind on what you were doing?

7. Did your thoughts seem to jump from one thing to another or race through your head so fast you couldn’t
keep track of them?

8. Did you sleep far less than usual and still not get tired or sleepy?

9. Did you spend so much more money than usual that it caused you to have financial trouble?


If this question is endorsed, the irritability stem question is skipped and the respondent goes directly to the Criterion
B screening question.

This question is asked only if the euphoria stem question is endorsed.