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Moods and Feelings Questionnaire

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Moods and Feelings Questionnaire (7-18)

This form is about how you might have been feeling or acted recently.
Please check how much you have felt or acted this way in the past two weeks

Not True


I felt miserable or unhappy.

I didn’t enjoy anything at all.

I felt so tired I just sat around and did nothing.

I was very restless.

I felt I was no good anymore.

I cried a lot.

I found it hard to think properly or concentrate.

I hated myself.

I felt I was a bad person.

I felt lonely.

I thought nobody really loved me.

I thought I would never be as good as other kids.

I did everything wrong.

Score: __________

Angold, A., Costello, E. J., Messer, S. C., Pickles, A., Winder, F., & Silver, D. (1995)

For ages 8 to 18
Clinical cutoff is 11 – higher score signifies depression