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Asthma ED Discharge Checklist

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Asthma – Pediatric/Adult - Discharge Check List
Emergency Department to Home
Note: This checklist does not replace individual clinical judgement and/or consideration for patient tolerance of
specific medications or therapies.
Discharge Criteria
Patients who meet the following criteria may be discharged:
ξ On room air
ξ Receiving albuterol treatments (Q4 hours with no increasing frequency)
 Print the Asthma Action Plan in Health Link
(GINA Evidence B- patients 6 years or older; GINA Evidence D- patients 5 years or younger)
ξ Note: For pediatric patients, print two color copies (home and school).
 Prescribe oral corticosteroids, inclusive of doses given during admission (pediatric patients: 1-2
mg/kg once daily or divided BID with max dose 60 mg/day).
Common options:
ξ 4-7 additional days of prednisolone
ξ 1 additional dose of dexamethasone to be given 36-48 hours after discharge
 Prescribe inhaled corticosteroid (controller medication) via pMDI with spacer
 Prescribe bronchodilator (rescue medication) via pMDI with spacer
 Schedule Follow-up Appointment (within 2-7 days of discharge) (GINA Evidence B)
ξ UW Health recommends scheduling an appointment with the PCP within 2-7 days.
ξ An appointment with the Allergy or Pulmonary Clinic may be made within 2-3 weeks (if
 Provide Patient Education (GINA Evidence B) which includes:
ξ Basics of asthma pathophysiology
ξ Triggers and signs and symptoms
ξ Rescue vs. controller medications
ξ Review what to do in an emergency
ξ Inhaler technique
ξ Review Asthma Action Plan with patient and family.
Last revised/reviewed: 07/2015 | Contact CCKM for revisions.
UW Health Asthma – Adult/Pediatric – Inpatient/Ambulatory Guideline
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